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Hi there, thanks million for coming. We truly appreciate your visit whatever your reason to go here. These blogs are created for some purposes, but most important of all is to sharing and learning about everything interesting, special also useful in this amazing world.

Hai sahabat semua, terimakasih sudah datang berkunjung. Kami sangat menghargai kunjungan anda apapun alasan kunjungan anda kemari. Rangkaian Blog ini dibuat dengan beberapa tujuan, tetapi yang terpenting adalah untuk berbagi dan belajar tentang segala yang menarik, spesial dan berguna di dunia yang mengagumkan ini. Sahabat pun bisa berbagi dengan mengirim artikel yang menarik dan bermanfaat (non spam) dengan mengirimkannya via Submit di atas atau sekadar berkomentar di bawah artikel yang anda baca.

example of LETTER OF INTEND (L.O.I)

Here I show you some examples of document which use in funding agreement, CMIIW.... LETTER OF INTEND (L.O.I) DATE : FOR : …..(name of funder)……. TROUGH : …..(authority in Indonesia)….. FROM : .…(name of user)…..,President Director PT…(name of user’s company). SUBJECT : LETTER OF INTEND TO AVAIL US$..........FOR…...(name of project) Dear…..(name of funder)…. This is official and exclusive mandate for you to secure and provide to us an initial fund of one million (US$ 1000,000) US dollars funds which we need as mobilization, banking expenses, organization and traveling expenses for the ……(value of fund)....million (US$ …….) US dollars, ………(name of the project and user’s company)…. The funds shall be secured and guaranted by US$.......(value of fund)…. Bank guarantee (BG) issued by Mandiri State/Prime Bank,…years, endorsed and approved by the Central Bank, Full & Clean, Euroclear. After you made an initial release of US$ 1,000,000/ on the US$......(value of fund)....Mandiri State/Prime Bank BG (after Bank to Bank SWIFT Confirmation), we shall facilitate the issuance and release and assignment of the ….(value of fund)…million (US$.......) Mandiri state/Prime BG to finance our ….(name the project)…which you and your consortium shall undertake on “TURKEY” or B>O>T basis – Subject to our Final Agreement. We will make the SWIFT Pre-Advice Confirmation Bank to Bank after Execution of Joint Venture Agreement, and exchange of full Bank Coordinate. …….( name of user)…… AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE FOR PROJECT


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